Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dancing at the Library

It's getting late and we have a busy day scheduled for tomorrow, but I wanted to write a quick update about the library.

Like Julia mentioned in her last post, we had our first meeting with library volunteers on Saturday. Five volunteers from St. Joseph's Teaching College in Majengo came and helped us to clean the back-room, paint a bookshelf, and more. A lot of the kids from the neighborhood also came to help clean up the yard and dig a ditch for composting.

After finishing our work, everyone gathered for some soda - best Kenyan soda is Stoney Tangawizi, as I believe Julia mentioned - and maandazi (kenyan donuts). The kids decided to perform some songs and dances, one of which Julia managed to record. Enjoy!

(Sorry, I have no idea what the song means)

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  1. The video didn't upload correctly the first time but it should be fixed now!